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Friday, December 26, 2008

When a USC Pastor Serves a PSU Church

My older and wiser brother is a United Methodist pastor in our Penn State dominated home church in southeastern, Pennsylvania. He also happens to be a graduate of USC which will be playing Penn State on New Year's Day in the Rose Bowl (4:30 P.M., ABC)

Somehow, the local York, PA newspaper found about this little piece of trivia and recently did a story on what it's like to be an SC pastor in a PSU church. You'll find the short video interview on the right side of the link above.

Enjoy the video.


Anonymous said...

Please check out my updated web site showing my new favorite football team: http://www.pastordavemcdowell.org/.

-former USC fan

Robert McDowell said...

Hi David "PSU Rulz" McDowell and welcome as a new poster to the Nikos web blog.

I have already checked out your website and am impressed that you are willing to have a change of heart/mind regarding who should be your #1 favorite college football team.