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"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory (nikos) through our Lord Jesus Christ." - I Corinthians 15:57

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dave's Deep Thoughts - Christmas: It's All a Matter of Perspective

Here's Pastor Dave McDowell's weekly devotional that he sends out to members of his church. Dave is my brother and serves as the Music Minister at Stewartstown UMC in PA.
It's always eye opening to see a situation from someone else's perspective.
But what if they are seeing it 12 inches from the floor?
The scenario: Friends are gathering at the house for the big game against a big rival.
The perspectives: The master and the dog
Master: Hey, glad you could make it! It's gonna be a great game!
Dog: What's with all the doorbells? Keep it down, I'm trying to get some sleep!
Master: Glad you wore the team colors, we need to get fired up!
Dog: Oh my gosh, the S.W.A.T. team has invaded dressed in black! This is bad!
Master: Thanks for bringing some food. We are going to have a great time!
Dog: Whoa! Meat! I smell meat! Maybe not so bad. Time to hit the kitchen....
Master: Let me take your coats. It's almost time for kickoff.
Dog: Wait, why is everyone headed to the other side of the house....
what about the meat?
1st Half
Master: Wow, two plays into the game and the players are already fighting.
This is going to be intense.
Dog: Can someone explain to me why every one of my nap locations is occupied with human feet?
Who organized this ?
Master: Our team kicks a field goal! Great start! High five!
Dog: Does anybody realize that for a dog,
the decibel level of surround sound is equivalent to a jet plane taking off?
Can I have some ear plugs please?
Master: The other team scores to tie the game.
Dog: All I want to know is how I can get some of that meat.
Master: TV Timeout. Time to get some grub!
Dog: Time to beg.
Master: Dang, the other team scores another field goal, then a touchdown.
This doesn't look good.
Dog: Aw c'mon, Out of all these humans,
there has to be one who drops food.
Master: You have got to be kidding ref! What a lousy call! He never touched him.
Dog: That's right mister, keep rubbing my belly.
Master: Our team kicks a field goal! Okay, it's a game again! Halftime
Dog: Wait mister, I didn't tell you that you could stop.
Master: Grab some more food. Anybody want to play a game of pool?
Dog: Geez, getting from one side of the house to the other through all these legs
is like navigating an obstacle course. Anybody feel moved to rub my belly?
2nd Half
Master: Our team needs to take this opening drive and score to tie the game.
Dog: All I found in the kitchen was one tomato on the floor.
I don't do tomatoes...... I want meat!
Master: Our team scores. Game tied! Alright!
Dog: Dude, I am not pawing at your leg because I want your tomato.
I need to pee.
Master: The other team scores a touchdown. Man, we need a break
Dog: What I need you to do is open the door. My bladder is exploding.
Master: Our defense forces a turnover. That's the break we've been looking for!
Dog: The break I am looking for is for someone to open the door.....
Master: Our team scores to tie the game! I'm not sure if I can take this.
Dog: I'm not sure if I can take this.
Master: Can somebody let the dog out? I can't take my eyes off the TV
This is a great game. Thank you Lord!
Dog: Finally.....relief! Thank you Lord!
Master: Okay, we stopped their offense, we get the ball back!
Dog: Wait, is that some food on the floor on the other side of the room?
Master: Clock is winding down, we are getting close to field goal range.
Dog: Really, a tortilla chip? That's it?
Master: Clock down to 2 seconds. C'mon, you can make this field goal!
Dog: C'mon, there has got to be some food somewhere!
Master: Kick is straight down the middle! We win! We win!
Dog: Why are these people hugging each other?
Did someone win the Power Ball?
Master: Thanks for coming! What a great game. See you in the playoffs!
Dog: Thanks for nothing. One tomato, a tortilla chip, no meat and NO SLEEP!!!

How we view things affects our attitudes and our behavior.
God intervenes into human history and sends His Son to be our Savior
We often look to everything but His Son to save us from ourselves.
God brings the miraculous to those who
know how to wait for Him.
We often busy ourselves the four weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas
so that we do anything BUT wait on Him.
God comes to bring us joy, peace, and life abundant
Our choices often cause us to feel emptiness, restlessness, and meaningless.
God sends Jesus to show us how to live sacrificially,
and to care for the poor and the downtrodden.
While we might reach out to the least, last, and lost during the season,
we often reduce our concern down to a day,
rather than a lifestyle.
How God sees things is often quite different
than how we see things twelve inches from the floor.
Would God be pleased with how we choose to observe His Son's birth?
There are still 20 shopping days to change our perspective,
and perhaps by doing so,
change our lives.
And she will bear a Son,
and you shall call His name, Jesus,
for it is He who will save
His people from their sins.
Matthew 1:21

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