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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Bible History Channel Miniseries - Begins Sunday, March 3


Beginning Sunday, March 3, The History Channel is showing a miniseries on the Bible. For many people, the bible is a very confusing and complicated book. My hope is that this miniseries will help people get a sense of the overall theme and key stories found in the bible.
While the episodes will not possibly be able to capture the in depth meaning of each biblical story and they will undoubtely be told from a modern/western perspective, they will at least help viewers to gain an understanding of the basic components that we find in the bible.
I'm also thrilled to see that Dr. Craig Evans, a respected and noted bible scholar was consulted in the production of this miniseries. Dr. Evans was the keynote speaker for a continuing educaton event at my seminary a couple of years ago and offers a very solid approach to the understanding of the scriptures.

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