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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Not to Say to Your District Superintendent

My annual one to one meeting with my District Superintendent is this week. It's a time to reflect on the past year of ministry and goals for the coming year. 

Since this is kind of an important meeting, here are some free tips to clergy on what NOT to say to your District Superintendent.

You're welcome.

  • "Was I was supposed to send you my annual profile before this meeting?"
  • "People shouldn't ride motorcycles because they are just too dangerous." (Don't say this if your DS just rode his motorcycle to Alaska and back to raise $10,000 for Imagine No Malaria.)
  • "How is it with your soul? Hey, that's kind of catchy. Did you come up with that phrase or are you quoting someone?"
  • "I still can't remember the name of this district."
  • "I guess you can say that I just kind of wing it on Sunday mornings."
  • "Now, remind me. Are these annual church conference meetings optional?"
  • "Am I too late to send in last year's end of year report?"
  • "I have been using Joel Osteen's sermons every Sunday. It's really saved me a lot of sermon prep time."

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