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"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory (nikos) through our Lord Jesus Christ." - I Corinthians 15:57

Monday, March 12, 2018

Pastoral Prayer (March 11) Athens First UMC

[During yesterday’s sermon“Come, Touch the Honoring Robe,” the congregation passed around Dewey, the Donkey. This toy donkey became a symbol of the gifts that we have to offer Jesus. In a clever theological move, a parishioner placed Dewey in the offering as the plates were being passed. He ended up on the altar during the doxology and the offering prayer of dedication. This week, Dewey is helping us to think about the question, “What are the donkeys/gifts that you have to honor God and bless others?” Who said the season of Lent can’t be fun?]

O God, I’m not sure where Dewey the Donkey is right now, but I’m sure he is in good hands. Thank you for reminding us this morning about the unnamed person who offered his donkey for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem. Thank you for reminding us about the robes that people placed along your path as a way of honoring you as well.


Like the unnamed person and the crowd from the Palm Sunday story, lead us to touch your honoring robe during this season of Lent. Lead us to offer the gifts we have to be a blessing to others.


Thank you for the many gifts, large and small that were given by so many people in this church to help us provide a meal for the Good Works Outreach meal this past Friday night.


Thank you for the the many donations that are helping us to provide meals for the different college groups that are staying at our church over their spring breaks this month to work at Habitat for Humanity. 


Thank you for the church member who has offered to do volunteer work in our church office each week. 


Thank you for blanket makers, flower arrangers, flood bucket packers, faithful givers, choir members, ushers, greeters, Tuesday prayer team members, Sunday School teachers, small group facilitators, and so many others who offer whatever they have to honor you and be a blessing to others. Thank you for all gifts great and small because any gift given in your name is a way of honoring you.


O God, we ask, “what gift can we bring” and your answer to us is to give like you give; fully, completely, unconditionally, and lovingly. 


This is how we touch the honoring robe of Jesus and it is in his name that we offer the prayer he taught us to say together…


Our Father, who art in heaven…

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