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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

180 Turnaround Church Conference

This quick post is being sent from my hotel room in DeWitt, Michigan (near Michigan State University) as I get ready for the 180 Turnaround Church Conference being hosted and led by Redeemer UMC.

Redeemer UMC has been given the title, "Turnaround Church" by our denomination in recognition of their steady and healthy growth over the past several years. I believe they are worshipping around 500 people each week. Twenty-five United Methodist churches in our country have been given this recognition. This is a church that is located in the middle of a very economically depressed area due to the faltering auto industry.

After arriving at the hotel, I drove over to Redeemer UMC. It looks a lot like Faith Community!

I'm up here with a couple of folks from our church. Our goal will be to learn and experience as much as we can so we can share transferable ideas for our particular setting in Xenia. We also might pick up some ideas on hospitality to help our church host the Wesleyan Institute April 23-25. By the way, there is still time to register by April 1 and get the $79 rate.

See you on Sunday!

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