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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning Radical Hospitality from Our Missionaries (Milan, Italy)

One of the four missionary families we support with our weekly offerings and prayers are the Markay's (Rev. David and Rev. Kristin Markay) who serve as pastors of Chiesa Evangelica Metodista in Milan, Italy.

Their unique role as missionaries in Milan, Italy is to pastor a church that offers radical hospitality to people of all nationalities.

The video is a song by their choir this past November. Just by noticing the different nationalities of the people who are singing is evidence of the radical hospitality of this church. Words of encouragement by e-mail may be sent to Rev. David & Kristin Markay at markay@fastwebnet.it

Here is a description of their church from their website:

"The Italian Waldensian/Methodist Church has set as one of its missional goals the hospitality to the stranger. The church seeks to embody the inclusive love of Jesus by offering a spiritual home to persons from places far from their homelands. Intentionally, the Waldensians and Methodists in Italy are striving to "essere chiesa insieme" (be the church together). Therefore, persons with all faith backgrounds, cultural heritage, and church experience are seen as gifts to the community.

The Methodist Church of Milano has members from all over the world: Italy, Sierra Leone, the Philippines, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Canada, the United States, Great Britain, and elsewhere."

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