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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update on Our District Superintendent's Trip to South Korea

Hello from Korea....We are having a great trip. Bishop Ough, Rev. Steve Bennett, Rev. Marla Brown, Rev. Dennis Mohler, Char Ough and Susannah Anders are on this trip from West Ohio along with many leaders from the NorthCentral Jurisdiction.

Today we visited some mission sites ...Friends of all nations Church a great our reach ministry to the various international folks in Incheon.

They began in a shipping container. Wow.

We also visited the Naeri Methodist church one of the mother churches here in Korea.

I am amazed how many folks speak of the missionaries that have served here and their impact on this nation.

Now South Korea send out missionaries to the world, second only behind the USA.(not bad for a country the size of Indiana)

We have heard of folks from Ohio who helped to start the Ewha Woman's University many years ago.

Our very own Rev. George Sidwell was a missionary here after the war and helped to rebuild the church.

I learned this week of Esther Laird a lay person from near Camden served her in the late 1920's and again after the war.

They planted seeds that continue to change the world.

Now in Korea over 25% of the country is Christian and over 1,500,000 Methodist.
Kam sa hamneeda

Thanks for all that you do... encourage folks to go into all the world.

The world is our parish.

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Pray for the new sat. night service at EUM greenville.

Rev. Duane Anders, Miami Valley District Superintendent

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