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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lectionary Bible Commentary for Sunday, February 10

Sermon (February 10) – “Holy Moments”

Exodus 34:29-35

·       This trip up to the mountain is the second trip for Moses.  This is after the golden calf incident when Moses broke the first tablets. God was angry with the people but has now forgiven them.
·         As Moses arrives at the bottom of the mountain, his face is radiant as he is reflecting the glory of God. He has to use a veil!
·         V. 30 – The word, “shining,” can also mean horns.  Jerome’s translation uses this meaning of the word. This is why Michelangelo sculpted horns on Moses! 

Luke 9:28-36

·         V. 28 - In Luke, Jesus always prays before an important event.
·         The dazzling white is a symbol of transcendence. See Exodus reading above.
·         V. 31 – Jesus’ departure refers to when Jesus will die on the cross, rise to new life, and ascend into heaven.
·         V. 34 – The cloud is a symbol of God’s presence (a Book of Exodus image) when the people were led by a cloud in the wilderness.
·         The words that are spoken remind us of the words spoken at Jesus’ baptism.

Transfiguration Sunday

·         Serves as a bridge between the Sundays after Epiphany (Ordinary Time) and the beginning of Lent.
·         Jesus’ transfiguration reminds us of Moses on the mountain from the Old Testament which helps us see Jesus in the context of the Old Testament and the great line of prophets.
·         The transfiguration of Jesus is a foretaste of Jesus’ resurrection.
·         Peter misunderstands the meaning of the transfiguration and wants to build three dwellings.
·         This was a holy moment for the disciples.  What holy moments do you encounter in your day to day living?

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