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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lectionary Bible Commentary - Sunday, February 24

NOTE: The Colossians reading is not part of the lectionary readings for this Sunday but the Gospel reading is.
2nd Sunday In Lent
Colossians 3:12-19

·        Colossae was a thriving city with a productive wool and textile industry. It had a large Jewish population. Most of the Christians were non-Jewish.
·        This is one of four letters the Apostle Paul wrote from prison.
·        Would you rather live in a town that behaved like verses 5-9 or 12-17? For some people, they might answer verses 5-9 but its verses 12-17 which provide an authentic community. It also takes much more work to be a community of verses 12-17.
·        The key to living according to verses 12-17 is by keeping our focus on King Jesus which Paul does in this letter.  That’s why this section concludes by talking about the importance of worshipping Jesus who is our king.

Luke 13:31-35

·        Before this passage, someone asks Jesus, “Who can be saved.” Jesus answers by saying that it’s the person who has a relationship with him (who eats with him.)
·        According to Jesus, Herod Antipas who controls the region of Galilee is a politically motivated fox. (Herod the Great had died soon after Jesus was born.)
·        Jesus is on a mission of salvation and it will not be Herod who will cut the mission short.  Jesus weeps over Jerusalem.
·        Jesus hints at Palm Sunday when his mission will begin to be fulfilled with an arrest, a crucifixion, and a resurrection!

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