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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

C'mon Christians. Admit It. The Resurrection of Jesus Is Difficult to Believe

OK, if we're honest, Easter and the resurrection of Jesus accounts in the gospels are very difficult to believe. I have found that most Christians simply believe it to be true because this was taught to them throughout their lives and they've never questioned it.

There's something beautiful about passing on the faith from one generation to another, but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't ask questions or express doubts.  Easter is much too big and important for us to just say that we shouldn't ask questions about it and accept it by faith. Yes, faith is central to our approach to the biblical stories and especially in how we approach the resurrection accounts, but we also need to perform a reality check with our biased worldviews.

1st Century Judaism Worldviews: These varied from there will be no resurrection of people from the dead to yes, this will happen but not until the end of the age when all of God's people will be bodily resurrected.

21st Century Western Worldview: A secularist worldview provides little to no room in allowing for a belief in the resurrection account.

What if we set aside our worldviews and with an open mind examine the resurrection of Jesus from a sociological/historical perspective? This is what New Testament bible scholar, N.T. Wright has done. Listen to his explanation of the resurrection and how it all ties in with our preconceived worldviews of what is possible and what is not possible. A big thanks to Scot McKnight for reminding me of this perspective.

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