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Friday, April 5, 2013

Lectionary Bible Commentary for Sunday, April 7

April 7 Sermon – “Be Generous with Praise”
Psalm 150

-       There are five types of Psalms: hymns of praise, laments, thanksgiving psalms, royal psalms, and wisdom psalms
-       This Psalm answers the Where, Why, How, & Who of praising God.
-       Look at final four Psalms and notice the final phrase of each of these Psalms. What does this say about how often we should praise the Lord?
Acts 5:27-32

-       Peter & John are arrested and they are ordered to not speak about the resurrection anymore. Even after they are released, they continue to proclaim the good news of Easter.
-       Why do you think the apostles were willing to continue to preach the good news of Easter? See verse 32. They were witnesses of the resurrected Jesus!

John 20:19-31

-       On the evening of Easter Day, the resurrected Jesus appears before the disciples, but Thomas is not present.
-       Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit upon them just like God breathed life into Adam in the Book of Genesis.
-       The following week, Thomas demands evidence and Jesus appears to him. Thomas offers the most profound statement of faith in the entire gospel account. “My Lord, and my God!”
-       Verses 30-31 – The purpose of the Gospel of John is to share the good news of Jesus Christ for people who were not eyewitnesses but who can trust in the eyewitnesses of the first followers of Jesus.
-       Since our faith depends on the eyewitness accounts, how can we be sure that the gospel story is true?

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