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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Be Included in the New Church Pictorial Directory

We are in the process of signing people up for our new church pictorial directory. The directory is for all people in our church (members & non-members.) Sign-ups are available on Sunday mornings at the church as well as on our church website at www.lancasterfumc.org.

Here are my top ten reasons why you should make a photo appointment to be included in our new church directory as soon as possible.

#10 It's free! Now that I have your attention...
#9 You will receive a free 8x10 picture.
#8 You will receive a free copy of the new directory.
#7 If you don't sign-up, you'll have to be in a selfie with Pastor Robert and that will look really weird in the directory.
#6 You can include your pet in the photo.
#5 If we have at least 300 pictures in our directory, our church will receive bonus activity pages and future new members will be able to receive directories.
#4 Someone might nominate you for the ice bucket challenge if you don't.
#3 People in the church will be able to call you by name rather than, "Hey, you."
#2 There is no pressure to buy extra pictures and the whole process will be over before you know it.

And the #1 reason to be included in the new church pictorial directory...

You are a VERY important part of our church family and we want everyone to be included!!

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