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"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory (nikos) through our Lord Jesus Christ." - I Corinthians 15:57

Monday, August 4, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Go to Church

#10 - Can you think of any other place on Sunday morning where you can get free donuts and coffee?

#9 - I'm assuming your home doesn't have gorgeous and massive stained glass windows allowing heavenly light to overwhelm you with God's beauty and radiance.

#8 - It's good to clean up once in a while. Oh, wait. We're talking about "worship" and not "wash up." Never mind.

#7 - Some restaurants give you a 10% discount if you show them your Sunday bulletin.

#6 - A team of people spent more time than you can ever imagine in carefully preparing for those sixty minutes by writing prayers, selecting appropriate music, and crafting a sermon based on the scripture readings.

#5 - You will feel comforted, challenged, and inspired to live out your faith.

#4 - They just might be singing your favorite hymn that day.

#3 - Don't be surprised if out of the blue one day, someone says to you, "It was something you said to me at church one Sunday that helped me through a difficult situation in my life. Thank you."

#2 - Did I already mention the free donuts and coffee?

And the #1 reason for going to church is...

It's how we honor and glorify God as a community of faith.

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