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Monday, November 10, 2014

A Nice Guy Who Lost a Bet - Lancaster First UMC History

Recently, I received a very nice letter from an elderly gentleman who lives in Stockton, California. He doesn't have any connection to our church except through a postcard of our church that he found at an antique shop near his home. He was kind enough to send this to me.

[Back of Postcard]

The postcard was sent by a member of our church to Sadie Noll (Hall?) who was living in Philadelphia, PA. The postcards says,

Dear Sadie,

  We are all well. Hope you are the same. The lady wears her cap nearly every day. Will write soon. 

  Yetta (Correct Spelling?) Gravett

[Front of Postcard]

Since our church was first opened in 1907 (the cornerstone was placed in 1905) this picture could very well be the first professional photograph of our church building. Our church would have only been two years old when Yetta sent this postcard in the mail.

The elderly man from California who sent me this letter and postcard is what is even more impressive to me. Here is what he wrote regarding this old postcard that he found in the antique shop.

"Well, I gave $6 for it so if you want it for $7 or $8 or so why that's sure OK. Throw in a little postage if you want, too. My wife says if I hear form you, I will have to take her to lunch. I am eighty-six years old and still going strong. I like to call my little hobby "a re-distribution of happiness." Our world sure needs it. Thank you, and Godspeed in your work, and Happy Thanksgiving."

Today, I am preparing a mailing to this kind gentleman from California with some information about our church, a word of appreciation for taking the time to send the postcard to us, and yes, I'm including the $8 and postage.

He'll need that money since he lost the bet and now owes his wife a lunch.

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