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Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday, Second Saturday Outreach!

Tomorrow (February 14) marks the 5th birthday anniversary of the launching of our Second Saturday outreach ministry. Second Saturday is held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at our Crossroads facility from 8:30 am to noon where we go into the community to share God's love in simple but powerful ways.

Here's a list of the many projects of our Second Saturday outreach:

Painted several of the city’s fire hydrants
Painted over graffiti on bridges
Served as volunteers for charity events
Helped with house repairs 
Laid new flooring at Foundation Dinners 
Helped with the City of Lancaster downtown volunteer day
Split and delivered wood to help people in need heat their homes
Given away quarters to people at the Laundromat 
Helped residents at a nursing home play bingo and chair volleyball 
Taken bags of fruit and cookies to first responders, sanitation workers, and to people who are shut-in
Raked people’s yards
Helped with the Habitat for Humanity resale store
Given away smoke alarm batteries in the neighboring community
Made warm blankets for nursing home and hospice patients
Helped build a tree house for the students at Forrest Rose school for Developmental Disabilities

We launched Second Saturday as part of our worship services on Sunday, February 14, 2010. We had a great big map of Lancaster in the front of the church and we invited people to place a heart sticker somewhere on that map as a symbol of God's love for our community. I will never forget how moving it was to see people come forward and fill that map with those hearts! It was really awesome that Valentine's Day fell on Sunday that year when we launched this new outreach ministry.

Tomorrow (Valentine's Day) will mark our 5th birthday anniversary of Second Saturday. Thank you Jeff and Carrie Campbell, our Local Missions Team, and First UMC for blessing who knows how many people through this incredible ministry!

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