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"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory (nikos) through our Lord Jesus Christ." - I Corinthians 15:57

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bible Moths

The early 18th century Methodists received a lot of criticism from inside and outside of the established Anglican Church for their daily disciplined reading of the bible. They were given the name, "bible moths" since they were often seen out in public with their bibles.

Instead of being called "Methodists" which was another derogatory name, what if "bible moths" became the name of this movement? Instead of the United Methodist Church, maybe we would be called, the Church of the Bible Moths or something like that.

Yesterday, as I was in a coffee shop reading my bible, one of the workers, noticing that I was reading the bible said, "That's great that you're reading the bible." I asked him, "Do you read the bible too?" And he said, "Every day! I can't imagine going a day without reading it."

As I have reflected on our conversation, I started thinking about all of the bibles that I use on a daily basis. I begin the day by reading scriptures directly from the internet for my morning devotional time. When I go to a coffee shop, I carry a bible in my carrying case. My Wesley Study Bible sits on a book shelf in the study of my house which I refer to almost daily. A small bible resides in my car for hospital visits. I often refer to the bible on my smartphone which is way too convenient. And last but not least is the bible that I use Sunday mornings in worship which I keep in my church office.

The moral of the story? Surround yourself with a bunch of bibles. Hover over them like a moth. Read the bible for all its worth. Allow the massive story of God's salvation history to sweep you up and carry you forward throughout your day.
Bible moths? Consider it a compliment.

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