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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The New Testament Word/Phrase of the Week

The New Testament bible scholar, Dr. Tom Wright, has produced a glossary of New Testament words/phrases that is really helpful for the study of scripture. What I like most about his definition of New Testament words is that he helps us to know what a Jewish person from the 1st century would have understood these words/phrases to mean. Too often, we allow our 21st century world view to get in the way of the original meaning.

Here is the New Testament word/phrase of the week: Baptism

Literally, 'plunging' people into water. From within a wider Jewish traidtion of ritual washings and bathings, John the Baptist undertook a vocation of baptizing people in the Jordan, not as one ritual among others but as a unique moment of repentance, preparing them for the coming of the Kingdom of God. Jesus himself was baptized by John, identifying himself with this renewal movement and developing it in his own way. His followers in turn baptized others. After his resurrection, and the sending of the Holy Spirit, baptism became the normal sign and means of entry into the community of Jesus' people. As early as Paul it was aligned both with the Exodus form Egypt (I Corinthians 10:2) and with Jesus' death and resurrection (Romans 6:2-11.)


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