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Friday, November 9, 2012

Help to End Local Poverty - Sharing Hope!

If you are interested in helping to eliminate local poverty, you may be interested in attending a "Sharing Hope" informational meeting on Saturday, December 15, 8:30 am to 9:30 am at Crossroads, 2095 W. Fair Avenue in Lancaster, Ohio.

I gave an overview of this exciting new way of approaching poverty during my November 4th sermon.  Here's a portion of what I shared with the congregation:

What makes “Sharing Hope” unique from other programs is that it’s not about people doing for the poor or doing anything to the poor, but it’s about the community doing something with the poor. This is the new and exciting picture that is beginning to take shape in our Lancaster community. I invite us to pray about this new possibility that can make a big difference in our community and I hope that as this program takes shape that many of us will be ready and willing to build relationships with the poor and together, help end poverty.

The Sr. Pastor of First Presbyterian and I along with First UMC church member, Brenda Shamblin are serving on a Guiding Coalition committee to help get this started here in Lancaster. If helping to end local poverty tugs at your heart strings, contact me at robertmcdowell@lancasterfumc.org to sign up for the December 15 meeting.

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