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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts - A Grandmother's Diary

One of the treasures that our family has been sharing with each other is my grandmother's diary for the years 1970 - 1972.  Her name was Ida (1895 to 1995) and she was my grandmother on my dad's side. Here are my grandmother's entries on Thanksgiving Day for two of those years. She didn't mention Thanksgiving in her 1970 entry but she does mention getting a turkey on the previous Friday.  Each entry in her diary is very brief.

1971 - Thanksgiving day. snowed & rained all night from 3 into  12 in york - the snow plow went through tonight.

1972 - Thanksgiving. roasted a turkey for Dot. we were over there for dinner. 22 there.

While these aren't very dramatic entries, these, along with her other daily entries point to the importance of family and hard work.  According to her diary, she was always cleaning, working on her farm, cooking, paying bills, or visiting family.  There are many entries in which she mentions family members.

My grandmother would have been very proud of our family gathering this past Thursday for Thanksgiving.  I thought of her a lot as we cleaned the house and prepared the food for our family gathering this past Thursday.  When we said the prayer before our big meal, it was like our whole family, past and present was right there with us.

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