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Sunday, October 26, 2014

From a Mustard Seed to an Apple Dumpling

Our church recently concluded our five-week "Living Generously" focus today. Here is an excerpt from today's sermon on "Sowing Seeds."

If you have been watching these episodes in church each Sunday morning, you have probably noticed a significant change in Frank’s view of generosity. When he saw how others were experiencing joy in their lives by being generous, he wanted to become more generous as well. Sowing seeds of generosity is contagious. When you see someone being generous, it makes you want to become more generous.

Following one of our worship services this morning, someone bought some apple dumplings made by our United Methodist Women to support mission projects. The person who was helping at the table started to give the person the bag of apple dumplings that had just been purchased.

The person surprised her by saying, "Just keep those dumplings and give it to the next person who comes to your table to buy some." In just a few minutes after the worship service, this person was already sowing a mustard seed which in turn led to some free apple dumplings for an unsuspecting person.

In Jesus' parable of the mustard seed, we are reminded that all of our acts of goodness and generosity matter. We might not realize it at the time, but when the small seed of generosity is planted, it eventually grows into a big tree. 

"Our church, our community, and our world will be blessed."

So keep sowing, keep planting, keep doing good in the name of Christ in little and big ways. Our church, our community, and our world will be blessed.

The mustard seed continues to grow even after the last sermon has been preached.

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