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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Living Generously - Tooth Fairy Generosity

We have recently concluded a five-week focus on “Living Generously.” We followed the video drama of Frank Donovan and his family through our weekly worship services, Sunday School classes, and small groups. The Donovan family gave us the opportunity to reflect on what it means to live generously.

During the last week of “Living Generously,” we were invited to return our completed 2015 Estimate of Giving cards. If you haven’t already returned your card, there is still time. These can be mailed to the church or placed in the offering during worship. Additional cards and envelopes are available at the church.

My favorite scene from the five video segments of our “Living Generously” focus was when Re, the gardener throws seeds into the air to symbolize the joy of living a life of generosity. I want to be like Re in sowing seeds of hope through the giving of my prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

"...the little girl who wants to donate her tooth fairy money to the church..."

I continue to celebrate the stories of how people in our congregation continue to seek ways to live generously like the person who bought a pack of apple dumplings following a worship service so that the next customer would receive a free pack, the little girl who wants to donate her tooth fairy money to the church because she has been listening to the "Living Generously" sermons each Sunday, and the many 2015 estimates of giving cards that are reflecting significant increases in giving from last year.

May we be a church that is known for living generously.

“Dear Lord, help our church to be like Re and sow seeds of your love wherever we go. Amen.”

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