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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Living Generously - Hug a Lutheran Today

[Henry Mechior Muhlenberg,1711-1787,  Founder of American Lutheran Church.]

Our church is in the middle of a church wide "Living Generously" focus. Through our worship services and Sunday School classes and small groups, we are following the character, Frank Donovan family who is learning what it means to live generously. On today's church calendar (October 7), we celebrate a man who made a huge impact in the church through his generosity.

Lutherans have their Henry Melchior Muhlenberg...

United Methodists have their Francis Asbury who traveled from England to help organize and grow the Methodist movement in America in the 1700's. Lutherans have their Henry Melchior Muhlenberg who left Germany and did something very similar around that same time with Lutherans living in America.

"Who and what he was, future ages will know without a stone."

Muhlenberg died on October 7, 1787 and is buried at Trappe, Pennsylvania. His epitaph (in Latin) reads: "Who and what he was, future ages will know without a stone." Students at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania and Lutherans in general are beneficiaries of his generosity.

How might we observe this special day? Do something nice for someone. Go out of your way to serve others. Share your faith. Hug a Lutheran. Don't hold back. Live generously.

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